Detachable Self-Adhesive Shelves Support Hangstick (6 Pcs)

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No drill holes are needed for this Detachable Self-Adhesive Shelves Support Hangstick. Instead, you simply attach it using the self-adhesive tape on the back. A perfect choice for those who like simple solutions.

Strong capacity and Convenient

Made of completely transparent plastic, suitable for various styles of cabinets. You can remove the removable part if you no longer use your shelf and want a flat surface. When you need to change the design, you can take it off without leaving ugly holes and marks in the cabinet. 

Tools Free and Easy to install 

No need for nails and screw. Peel off the protective film on the back and stick it on a smooth surface. You don't need any tools to install shelf support pegs, which saves a lot of time. 

Detachable and Flexible

Composed of two detachable parts to ensure the solidity of the support and maximum weight for your daily use without risk and without worries. Each Detachable Shleves Hangstick peg can support up to 16 pounds (7.5Kg) of weight, you can use 4 or more pieces to support the same shelf to increase the bearing capacity.

Material: Made of premium ABS plastic and High strength viscose. 

Package Content: 

-  6 x Detachable Self-Adhesive Shelves Support Hangstick

Dimensions :  60x60x25mm/ 2.4x2.4x1 inch.


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