180° Adhesive Hook Hangstick (6Pcs)

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180° Adhesive Hook Hangsticks
are a versatile and discreet storage solution that can be used to hang and organize items around your home or office. These hooks are designed with a strong adhesive backing that allows them to be easily attached to any smooth surface, without the need for nails, screws or any other hardware.

Strong Capacity and Waterproof Adhesive

Made from high-quality waterproof transparent plastic, these hooks are almost invisible when applied to a surface, making them perfect for use in spaces where you want to maintain a minimalist aesthetic. They come in a pack of 6 PCS that can be used to hold lightweight items like keys and jewelry, to larger hooks that can support heavier items like coats and bags. Each 180° Adhesive Hook Hangstick can support up to 11 pounds (5Kg) of weight.

Tools Free and Easy to Install 

Installation is easy and straightforward. Simply clean the surface where you want to place the hook, peel off the protective backing, and press the hook firmly onto the surface. The adhesive bond will hold the hook securely in place, and it can be easily removed without leaving any residue or damaging the surface.

Wide Application

180° Adhesive Hook Hangsticks are perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and any other space where you want to keep your walls or surfaces free of clutter. They are durable and can hold a range of items, from towels and bathrobes to utensils and cooking tools, and with their sleek and unobtrusive design, they can blend seamlessly into any decor style.


Material: Made of premium ABS plastic, High strength viscose and the hook is made of premium anti-rust stainless steel.

Package Content: 6 x 180° Adhesive Hook Hangstick

Dimensions :  60x60x20mm/ 2.4x2.4x0.80 inch.

Bearing Capacity (1pc): 11 pounds (5Kg)


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